Myprotein - Phasetech study.

Myprotein are always one of the first to launch innovative new concepts to the sports nutrition and weight loss market.

Myprotein are a leading sports nutrition brand delivering a large range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high protein foods and snack alternatives to the food supplement market.
Founded in 2004, Myprotein is now Europe’s number one. Based in Manchester, they operate in over 70 countries through a diverse team, using influencers to really draw the attention of their audiences.

In 2018, Myprotein launched a new phase of their fast-paced range.

Phasetech – the next generation of sports nutrition.

Phasetech uses Spheratrix beadlet technology to stop users feeling sluggish, removing any issues with fatigue during and after training. Our breakthrough technology includes innovative beadlet technology within each serving of shake and drink, activating within the body at the right time to deliver a boost when it is needed, so the user and get the very best of their workout.




The Pre-Workout+.

The pre-workout within the Myprotein Phasetech selection has proven a popular hit with avid members on the large online shopping site. The potent formula delivers key pre-workout ingredients and a dual release system with an immediate caffeine hit, followed by sustained release caffeine beadlets to boost the user back in with the optimal levels of caffeine, allowing them to perform for longer and stay in the zone to complete a workout with less fatigue.

This, combined with powerful ingredients such as VASO6®, vitamin B12 and Alpha GPC, mean that this powerful pre workout pushes all the right buttons for those looking to improve their gym personal bests.

The Amino+.

Phasetech claims to have their most advanced formula yet, with The Amino+ using sustained release beadlets to release branched chain amino acids into the body.

Beadlet breakdown:

  • 6g BCAA beadlets: naturally occurring in protein, helping your body build and repair new muscle.
  • 3g L-Leucine beadlets: Leucine is an essential amino acid that must come from your diet, as your body does not naturally produce this.
  • 2g L-Glutamine beadlets: naturally occurring within protein – this helps to build and repair new muscle.

This blend in total is packed with 14g of amino acids per serving, it is the ideal repair system, helping recovery after an intense workout.

To really maximise its potential, Myprotein have included a unique blend of vitamins and plant extracts, including Bioperine®, KSM-66® Ashwagandha and Astragin®.

The Whey+.

Myprotein finish their Phasetech range with The Whey+. The Whey+ includes a combination of unique ingredients, to grow and maintain muscle.

Beadlet breakdown:

  • 5g BCAA beadlets: naturally occurring within protein, they help to build and repair new muscle. Including more bcaa beadlets, ensures that the user receives a slow release of bcaa throughout the day to help recover muscles for longer.
  • 5g L-Glutamine beadlets: also naturally occurring within protein, once consumed these beadlets will release to help repair and build new muscle slowly.
  • 3g L-Leucine: Leucine is an essential amino that is not produced by the body, it must come from diet, meaning this sustained release beadlet provides the user with extra support.

This combination of beadlets is blended into a 90% pure whey protein, offering the user 26% protein per serving at only 117 calories.