Agrochemicals are designed and introduced to protect crops from pests and boost total crop yields. The most common agrochemicals include pesticides and soil fertilizers. Due to the ever evolvement of pests to these chemicals, we are constantly being challenged to develop new agrochemicals whilst trying to minimize side effects for the environment to m.

Our most common products for this industry include the use of mineral fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. All of which have a mass effect on crop yield and in recent years have greatly increased food production rates.

Our products largely depend on the type of soil and environmental conditions. We can design and manufacture products exclusively to suit your individual requirements. For example, see the different types of potassium we have already developed.






Modified release potassium – Made with the crystalline structure of feldspars, clay minerals and micas. Plants cannot instantly use the potassium in these insoluble forms, however, with time, these minerals eventually break down, and small quantities of potassium are released into the soil.

Controlled release potassium – potassium that becomes slowly available to plants over the growing season. Made with clay minerals we can fix the potassium release rate.

Instant release potassium – is readily available potassium, which plants can easily absorb. This type of Potassium is held on the surface of clay particles and organic matter in the soil.

We can partner with you to develop and produce agrochemical pellets based on your individual requirements. We have collaborated with many industries leading worldwide entities and institutions over the years and have the required knowledge to know what is and what is not possible.