Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering.

Chemical engineering is the study of physical sciences and life sciences together with applied mathematics and economics. This division of engineering specializes in the production, transformation, transportation, and appropriate use of chemicals, materials and energy.

We work with many large-scale processes that convert chemicals, raw materials, living cells, microorganisms and energy into useful formulae and byproducts.

The Chemical engineering sector is largely dominated by development in the Petrochemical, biochemical and polymer markets. These markets have seen major technological advancements over the last few years and they continue to be our largest emerging market.

We can develop and manufacture both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst pellets in order to increase the rate of a chemical reaction and form part of the greater chemical engineering reaction process.





Our Catalyst pellets are designed to your specification and are generally specified to include the following combination of properties; high porosity per unit volume, high/ low-pressure drops, high bulk density, high surface area per unit and high mechanical strength.

In most cases, we see typically the following ingredients being utilised; Metal Oxide, Zeolite, Clay, Pural and Scillia.

The advantages are obtained especially when the chemical reaction takes place primarily at the external surface of the pellet, for example in hydrocarbon hydro desulphurisation or in the carbon monoxide shift reaction.

We can enhance the surface area by manufacturing these catalysts in the following forms; extruded trilobe and quadralobe as well as the traditional sphere and granules.

We can partner with you to develop and produce catalytic pellets based on your individual requirements. We have collaborated with many industries leading worldwide entities and institutions over the years and have the required knowledge to know what is and what is not possible.