The Pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs and medications for end-user consumption. In 2014, total pharmaceutical revenues worldwide have exceeded one trillion US dollars for the first time and has steadily increased ever since.


The fusion of research in fields such as chemistry and physiology has significantly increased the potential for new drug discovery. Identifying new drug targets, refining techniques in drug discovery and development are our core strengths. The continual evolution and advancement of the pharmaceutical industry are fundamental in the control and elimination of disease around the world.

The pharmaceutical market continues to be our largest market sector adopting our technology. Pellet technology is ideal for products where perfect abatement of taste is required. Pellets provide the masking of any unpleasant tastes without lowering the bioavailability, especially for oral products.

Reduce The Risk.

Traditional dosage forms require multiple daily dosing to achieve the desired blood concentration to produce therapeutic activity.

Our development of modified release coatings has meant both a decrease in the number of required daily doses and a significant reduction in side effects. This is enhancing the experience for the consumer and reduces the risk of insufficient treatments.


In addition to the traditional Instant release pellets, We are able to develop and contract manufacture modified release pellets in the following formats.

Immediate Release

This can considerably increase bioavailability and has the potential for use in rapidly dispersible formats.

Sustained Release

Sustained-release coatings are designed to release an active ingredient
at a predetermined rate to maintain a constant drug concentration for a
specific period. This could also be a potential for lower daily cost to the
patient due to fewer dosage units.

Controlled Release

Controlled-release coatings delay the release of an active ingredient upon administration in order
for it to release at a fixed location.

Extended Release

Extended-release dosage
forms consist of sustained-release and
controlled-release doses. This is used to control the release location of the active ingredient and also
the predetermined rate of release.

Pellets are the most versatile solid dosage form available. They have huge benefits over alternative options and provide excellent active ingredient dispersion for maximum dosage effect.